Best Basil

Every year I plant lots of basil. And every year I get it from a different place–sometimes the herb society sale, sometimes Home Depot, and occasionally a fancy garden store. This year, I found it in what I consider an unlikely place–my local  Harris Teeter grocery store.  Sitting there in the produce section, next to the avocados, was the prettiest bunch of hydroponic basil–far prettier than any I had seem this year. It was in a plastic wrapper, roots and soil in tact, ready to plunk in the ground. The best part, it was $2.99. Cheaper than any of the basil at the fancy pants garden stores.

The best looking basil plant was at my local super.


One thought on “Best Basil

  1. That is some nice basil… looks fresh.. great place to purchase at your local grocery store but you have to be careful if it has not been sitting too long

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