When a Carrot is a Pencil

Playing with your food can be a good thing.

Getting kids to eat right is always an adventure. For us it has as many happy surprises as struggles. The other night my son, Sam and his friend Mick, peeled carrots to eat with their chicken and potatoes. I don’t think Mick had actually peeled a carrot before. When they sat down, there happened to be 2 small plastic pencil sharpeners on the table. They immediately tried to sharpen the thin carrots. Not only did they have a big time sharpening the carrots (which actually worked), Mick promptly ate his. Triumph.

If you’re feeding kids, you’ll want to download our Relish for Kids magazines at relishforkids.com. They’re full of tips, stories and recipes. One such story is on registered dietitian Stacey Antine who is on quite an adventure herself. She started Health Barn, a farm program to teach kids how to grow, eat and cook fruits and vegetables. Rock on Stacey and congrats for all your success.  Check out her video on CNN House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and her recipes on relish.com.

Quinoa, Spinach and Walnut Stir-fry

Chocolate Banana Pops


2 thoughts on “When a Carrot is a Pencil

  1. Those carrot pencils are so very adorable and only Sam would have come up with that! I must go an scramble around in my junk drawer to find my pencil sharpener…to make “when an asparagus spear is a pencil” of course. Fun, fun, funner.

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