Route 66–Eating on $66 a Week

Well it’s official, I’m broke.  A series of unfortunate events have conspired to send me into financial ruin–for the time being anyway. So instead of pouting over my pickle, I decided to turn it into relish, and learn along the way.  My challenge is to see how well I can feed myself and my kids (not necessarily in that order) for a week on $66. Why that random amount? Because that’s what I spent at the grocery store,  when with all my might I was trying to stick to $50. Nonetheless, this is still a fourth of what I would typically spend for a week.  So follow my week along route 66.

$66 worth of groceries for my week of frugality.

Day 1: Shopping–Things go wrong right off the bat, when I’m met with a bag of beautiful fresh cherries, the first of the season, for $4.99. I succumb. Then a plump, soft avocado for $2.69 for spreading on toast.  I do however opt for the 8 pound bag of russets for $3.49 instead of the 3 pound bag of Yukons for $4.99. Next 2 La Brea fresh baguettes for the price of one. But for the kids, a bag of store brand white sandwich bread, which of course they love. For 2 weeks, they’re free of artisan bread made with yeast spores from the fresh San Francisco breeze. Next a few cans of new sparkling blueberry cranberry juice, which will make a nice substitute for Coke, which Sam begs for. Chicken leg quarters–check, salmon for $17.99 /pound, nope–wait for sale. Gallon of milk, absolutely. Motts applesauce–healthy snack for Sam. Large box of Cheez-its, cheaper than the smaller one. Chobani Greek yogurt for lunch at work, waffles for kids snack, but this time I get house brand. Club soda and OJ concentrate (instead of Tropicana Fresh). 38 ounce bag of popcorn for $1.47 which will pop up the old-fashioned way for a year’s worth of snacking. Eggs, check. No fancy designer ones, but the plain brown ones for $1.47. Simply Lemonade, yes, because we love it and it’s hot as hell already in June.

Fortunately I have a fridge full of beer, leftover from a party over Memorial day weekend. And a good stash of cheese. And of course a kitchen full of all sorts of pantry staples.

Day 2: Chimichurri, Arugula and Lemon Granita


5 thoughts on “Route 66–Eating on $66 a Week

  1. Okay, this sounds like a challenge to all us over-spenders if I ever saw one….This got me started thinking…if you feed a family of three on $66.00 a week, then does that mean I should try to feel my house of one for $22.00 per week? I do have an unfair advantage in that I really do end up with lots of “free” food from my photo shoots but not so much that I still need to shop for all fresh produce & dairy on a weekly basis.
    And my tiny-closet pantry truly looks like a high end mini-market. Let me ponder all this and see if I am up to the challenge…broke or not! Great idea. T

  2. You know it’s like anything you “give up” food, alcohol, coffee, the less you can have the more you think of it. As a result I have eaten better this weekend that I might have otherwise, because I find myself thinking of what all I can make. Today will be something with wheat berries, which I have an abundance of in the pantry. Go figure…….

  3. We’re on a tight budget too but I figure on the plus side it forces me to be creative. No way we’re going to through out fruit that’s getting soft–puree it, freeze it use it in sauces and smoothies later. Eggs on sale? Guess what quiches, scrambled egg sandwiches and such for dinner that week.

    • Absolutely. It actually forces you to be a better more creative cook. When the world (supermarket) is your oyster and you can buy anything, it almost becomes mind boggling and limitless. You just gave a good idea for a kids piece. Thanks

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