Route 66-Eating for $66 a Week-Day 3

Fresh tomatoes are here, but still need a little coaxing (sugar, salt and vinegar) to get the most flavor.

Marinating tomatoes in sugar, vinegar and salt brings out their juices and flavor. Spoon them over fresh mozzarella for a juicy caprese salad.

Dinner last night was fabulous. See post below. Today I’m going to take my farmstand tomatoes,which are really not that great (needs to be at least July for greatness), and marinate them with a bit of sugar, sherry vinegar, salt and pepper, and let them sit. This will bring out the juices and enhance their flavor. My girlfriend who lives on caprese salad all summer, is bringing over some fresh mozzarella to toss with them. I’ll add the remaining fresh arugla from my garden, some garlic bread, made from one of the baguettes I bought Friday, and some white wine. With that we’ll have some wheatberry or tabouleh salad, both of which I have an abundance of in the pantry. Or if I run out of steam, some simple buttered pasta, which Sam, of course will love. Here are some recipes from that are perfect for less than perfect June tomatoes.

Caprese Salad with Peppers

Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes

Pomodoro Sauce

I’m also going to make the Vinegar Cake form the Relish Cake Project. It’s the perfect pantry chocolate cake. Think I’ll add a buttercream frosting though…got plenty of butter in the fridge.


One thought on “Route 66-Eating for $66 a Week-Day 3

  1. Jill, only you could make something so simple look so beautiful and appealing. I wish I had some of your dinner last night right now. Can’t wait to see what you come up with tonight. T

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