Carrots are Busting Out

  • Beautiful white, sweet carrots from the farmer's market.

    My girlfriend’s garden didn’t produce much last year, so when she dug it up this year, she was surprised to find carrots.

Carrots are having quite a year. They’re typically relegated to big 5 pound bags or worst yet, subjected to severe trimmings to become “baby” versions of themselves.  (I guess to appeal to our love of all things miniature.)  But this year they’re showing their true colors….which I’ve encountered as none, white carrots, and red, the color of beets. They’re also shunning their stereotypical shapes. This year they’re craggy, and gloriously misshapen, making them all the more appealing in and out of the skillet.  For the great looking carrots at the farmer’s market and those from my friend’s yard, I’ve been keeping them whole and roasting with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and honey.

Do you have a carrot story? If so please share. Here are some carrot recipes we love:

Honeyed Carrots

Lemon Glazed Carrots

Mediterranean Carrot Salad


2 thoughts on “Carrots are Busting Out

  1. I love carrots in all sorts of colors. I’ve seen purple ones at our local grocers. I like to shred them and then add them in wherever–last night we had lettuce wraps for dinner and my usually carrot-shy kid put the shreds on hers.

  2. There is nothing so homey looking as fresh root vegs with the dirt still on them fresh from the garden. This reminds me that I need to check on the progress of my radishes? Great post, Jill.

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