Bake Sale

A "sweet" book about life's lessons for kids and adults.

I just read the most adorable book called Bake Sale by Sara Varon (First Second Books, 2011). Although it’s marketed as a children’s book, ages 8 and up, I intend to give this as a gift to a number of (my adult) friends, namely my sister who’s a pastry chef.

It’s about a cupcake, named Cupcake, who owns a bakery and has a best friend Eggplant. It’s about baking, yes, but also following your dreams, friendship, consideration, hard work, disappointment, and perseverance. Lastly, it’s about baking and trying new things. It has 5 recipes in the back. So along with life’s lessons, it can teach your kids how to bake…..Sweet. Click below for my favorite banana cupcakes from

Banana Cupcakes


One thought on “Bake Sale

  1. What an adorable duo on the cover…I find many children’s books can teach us adults a thing or two. Thanks for sharing this fun book that would make a great gift for anyone.

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