Ramen In New York

This 14-seat noodle bar proves that ramen isn’t just for impoverished college students–New York Magazine.

My daughter and I spent a few days in NYC this month. Our quest was to find the best food dives–my agenda of course– and New York Cheesecake, Nora’s goal. We went to Chinatown and had dumplings and great scallion pancakes and fried rice (kids, jeez). But the food highlight was a small ramen noodle place in the East Village called Rai Rai Ken. A food writer friend recommended it and good thing, as we would have never stumbled upon it ourselves. It had about 12 seats at a small counter in the cramped hot space which was full of folks slurping big bowls of ramen (always a good sign). I had the Miso Ramen and I actually can’t remember what Nora had I was so imbued with mine. It was heaven. Who needs cheesecake. If in New York, check it out. Rai Rai Ken, 214  East Tenth Street.


Here is a dish using ramen noodles and a noodle bowl:

Mexican Ramen Casserole

Pho (Beef Noodle Soup)


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