The Relish Mom Pinathon

OK all, we’re running a contest at Relish, my sistership, where you can win $250 cash, no strings attached. (Well not from us, but if you’re like me, you probably have to pay the electric bill.) All you have to do is create a “Relish Mom Board” on your Pinterest page. I mean what mom doesn’t love to brag about her little darlings and dream of a get-away?

Not on Pinterest yet? Click here to sign up–it’s ridiculously simple. Create a new board on your Pinterest page called “The Relish Mom” and pin anything that reflects your family, life and/or loves as a mom. The boards that have been done so far are super fun to look at. Need an example?  Check these entries out, here and here. The only rule is you must have at least 5 pins from relish, which of course is super easy, with all the yummy, mouth-watering photos. Our fabulous Relish stylist, Teresa Blackburn will judge the boards and pick a winner. For the rules click here. Here’s a glimpse of my board. You can see all of it here.

And when you’re done with your board, email us the link to, so we can…um…see it.

My life story via Pinterest. And of course photos of Sam and Nora.


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